What is Pilates?

Pilates was originally called Contrology and was designed by Joseph Pilates back in the 1940’s as an evolution of his original thinking around exercise during the after the Second World War. The original 34 exercises were performed in a set sequence and it is these original sequences that all modern Pilates is based. There are now many adaptations of Pilates’ original thinking including the reformer, yogalates, Piloxing and so many more, but the fundamentals and principles remain very true to their origins.

Pilates in the way I teach it is fairly close to classical Pilates in that the 34 original mat based exercises are at the very heart of it. The principles of breath, control, concentration, centring, precision and flow are themes I come back to in all my classes as the basics around which the practice of Pilates gravitate. I teach the fundamentals of core engagement and alignment that I believe are critical to get right in the time we work together, accepting that we all have funny little things going on in our bodies that mean none of us will ever achieve perfection. What is important however, is finding what is perfect for us, at that time, in that moment, so that we can safely and successfully support our bodies to work at their most optimal.

How Can Pilates Help Me? 

Pilates is a wonderful system that helps a multitude of issues as well as supporting those of us lucky enough to have well functioning bodies!

By working on the deep postural muscles as well as the active mobilisation muscles, Pilates helps balance our physical body so that it can work with less strain which eases the aches and pains of modern living.

Whether you are dealing with mild scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, flat back, twisted pelvis or muscular disfunction, Pilates, over time and with commitment, can and will ease your discomfort.

I have seen many clients of my own and those of my teachers achieve so much more with regular practise of Pilates.

A little bit about my approach...

Group classes

I limit group class sizes to about 8-10, so you get lots of individual attention. Sequences are tailored to the people in the class, so whatever level you are, you will feel challenged and leave feeling great. I have a theme for each week and I send an email out to attendees letting them know what to expect for the coming week.

When you attend class, there are a few screening questions to help me understand you a bit more; this is so that I can be sure I adapt the class to your needs. There may be some sequences you aren't able to do if you have certain conditions, and there may be times when I can’t teach you at all. Have a look at the Q&A page below for more information on conditions that are safe and those that aren’t for Pilates.

I take time to get to know my clients so I can give them a class experience they love. Take a look at some testimonials to find out why my clients enjoy what I do. 

You can pay as you go or pay for 6 or 12 classes at a time. The more classes you pay for, the less you pay.

  • Level 1 Pilates: for those new to Pilates or wanting a more relaxing class

  • Level 2 Pilates: for those who have some experience, or want more challenging sequences, although I still tailor to who is in the room

  • Barre Pilates: combination of barre fit, ballet and mat based Pilates for all round fitness

  • Gentle Flow Yoga: still applying Pilates principles so its really safe, but with the Anusara style flow - starting again in the summer

Post Natal Classes

Class sizes are limited to 6 places only and can be booked per term. Payment is made up front for the whole of that term, which lasts for the length of a school half term.

Babies are welcome to come too, and we do exercises with and without them. They really enjoy watching mum and being cuddled for some of the exercises. Feeding in class is welcomed. The studio is heated and we have bean bags for babies to lie on if that makes them feel more comfortable.

Mums benefit from reengagement of the pelvic floor, gentle yet effective exercises to build core strength, all done safely and with care about your individual circumstances.

Time limited to just 45 minutes so babies don’t get too restless, we have time to chat and exchange stories and offer support and advice at the end of class.

121 lessons

121's are of course entirely personalised, meaning you get precisely what you need. This is a great way to focus in entirely on your goals and what you want to achieve out of Pilates and our relationship. I like to think I go beyond just giving you a few exercises to do, by taking an interest in you as a person, what motivates you and what your barriers are, I can help you make time for yourself and achieve your goals. Have a look at the case studies on the clients page to give you an idea of what to expect. 

If you are attending regular, weekly 121’s with me, you also get the discounted rate of £8 for group classes.

Can I do Pilates if I’m injured?

It depends on the injury. You shouldn’t do any stretching in the few days after getting an injury, rest, an ice pack and elevating an injury is the best thing to do. You need to wait a few weeks until an injury is healed before doing any exercise.

Old injuries that have healed or took place many months or years ago will be fine, but do let me know the nature and extent of the injury so we can work around any limitations.

Can I do Pilates if I have osteoporosis?

There are certain things we shouldn’t do if you have osteoporosis, like extensive stretching. Weight bearing exercise can be good for building strength around muscles and joints and helping prevent osteoporosis.

It is best to get a note from your doctor or health care practitioner (eg your physio) before undertaking any exercise if you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

What if I’m pregnant, can I do Pilates?

Always let me know if you are pregnant. There are contraindications for certain exercises during the different trimesters due to the pressure of the baby and the softening of joints and cartilage.

What conditions should I seek advice from my doctor first?

High blood pressure unless it is under control with medication, heart disease, severe spinal alignment issues such as scoliosis (mild scoliosis where mobility is not affected is fine).

Undertaking Pilates with a diagnosed condition listed above can invalidate my insurance, so I do ask that you get a doctors note for any severe conditions, particularly if you’ve been recommended to try Pilates for orthopaedic reasons.

How much do classes cost?

Classes cost £10 unless you block book and then you get discounts up to 20%. Pay for 6 at a time and pay £9, pay for 12 at a time and pay £8. If it is your first time with me, then you get your first class free if you buy a block of classes. This is the same for Pilates or Yoga.

121’s are £40 for the initial assessment and consultation and £30 thereafter.

Small Group Classes are designed for use by a group of people who want to work together. It is £50 to share between you. Or if you want to join an existing group, then it is £12.50 per individual.

I want to come to class but I have questions, how do I speak to you?

Call me on 07912 177398 so we can have a chat.

How can I book a class?

Click on the button below which will take you to the booking page. You can either book and pay online for group classes or use the form to get in touch with me. If you want a 121, then use the form as I can be fairly flexible about timings.

How can I reschedule a class?

When you get your confirmation email, either from booking online or through me, there is a button that allows you to cancel or amend a booking. Just click on this and you can change it for another date.

Will I be charged if I cancel?

If you change a date no, if you cancel same day or don’t turn up for class and you’ve already paid, yes you might be. However, I will always try to move your booking to another date if you let me know.

My expertise

I am fully qualified Level 3 Pilates Instructor, training in classical Pilates with one of the UK’s longest established fitness industry training experts. I am a fully qualified Anusara Yoga Instructor, I trained with Bridget Woods-Kramer of Yoga Ltd. I hold Level 3 Diploma’s in Holistic Therapies and Stress Management with a Level 3 qualification in Anatomy and Physiology. I also have a background in dance; I trained at Rambert Ballet School and have passed RAD Ballet, Modern and Tap up to Advanced level.

In working with you, I am drawing on over 20 years of experience in dance, yoga and knowledge and observation of the body.

Some Fun Facts!

When I am not doing Pilates, dancing or being all zen in the garden, I love to hang out with my funny and wonderful 12 year old daughter and 8 year old son. I also have a very supportive and grounding husband, Tom, who has been with me through all of my slightly haphazard journeys to get me to this point. 

I love food, eating and the occasional glass of wine. I don’t cycle anymore, but I do watch Le Tour every year. I am an introvert, hence why ‘me time’ is held as almost sacred in our house. I love nature, and you'll see some of the beautiful pictures I've taken of the countryside dotted around the site.