Here are a few words from some of the people I've been working with


Claire really listens, she has taken everything I told her and put it into a completely personalised lesson for me...I am starting to see the benefits that extend beyond our time together...
— Liz Truckle

Clients also say about my classes...

I need to exercise and Pilates seems to be a gentler form. I’m of an age where my joints aren’t so supple any more you made it easy for me...
Claire you explained each procedure and demonstrated excellently. I liked the friendly atmosphere that was created
I enjoyed your attention to detail! You checked on us all and made small corrections or comments
You have a kind, gentle and friendly style
You were clear and informative
The class was easy to follow and enjoyable and I felt completely comfortable throughout
The class was really well paced and varied. I like that you took the time to go around and give feedback on what we were doing, and explained how each movement helped with things like mobility. It was informative and fun!
Not rushing through. Calm approach. Taking time to explain

If you have attended a class that you've enjoyed, let me know! Or if you think there are things I need to do to make them better, I'd also love to hear from you. Drop me a line by clicking the button. Thank you :)

...some of my clients stories


Based in Austria, Liz is incredibly busy running a Bed and Breakfast in the Austrian Alps with her husband. Liz wanted to reconnect to herself, find a way of carving out a bit of me time each day, because she recognised that continuing to be as busy as she was and not listening to her body's warning signs was unsustainable.

''It’s taken me a long time to finally realise, that even working from dawn till dusk, I would still not get everything done that was on my ‘to do’ list.  I’ve always worked hard and strived to do my best … but mentally and physically I’ve been aware more recently that it really is not sustainable.  I was so fortunate to re-connect with Claire, and she has been a strong and friendly voice of reason, support, encouragement and advice''.

Since liz isn't even based in the UK, the first step we had to take was to establish a way of connecting. We have successfully managed to find a regular time each fortnight to speak via Skype. The first thing we did was complete a client form and then I interviewed Liz on Skype to understand what her goals were, and what her limiters were. 

We quickly established that Liz was going to find it hard to make space for herself each day, but that she was desperate to find a way to. Our first session was all about winding down and relaxation. We took it slowly and I focused Liz on breathing, looking inwards and reconnecting with her body. Her reaction at the end of that first session was 'wow, I haven't felt this relaxed in years!' - Bingo!

Liz Truckle in Austria

Liz Truckle in Austria

In the sessions that followed, we gradually built up the pace and intensity a little to ensure we met more of Liz's physical goals as well as her mind/mental ones. I gave her a short sequence of exercises to do at home and an approach to finding a small amount of me time each day. At first, Liz found this really difficult, as running the B&B is so demanding. But we worked out together that it needs to start with baby steps; I advised Liz to just take five minutes at a point each day she knew would work for her and gradually build up from there. Don't feel guilty if one day you can't find the time!

As the weeks go by, we are finding that Liz is gradually shifting to be able to make the time to do a short sequence. She is also working into her day a few moments when she can just stop, be calm and breathe. 

''The time practicing Pilates with Claire has made me realise how important this practice is for my overall health and my physical and mental wellbeing.  It’s not just during the sessions that I have found benefit, but Claire has encouraged me to introduce bite-sized moments during the week, in between our sessions together.   Even if I don’t have time for a full session, just stopping for a few minutes when I can, I feel so positive when I relax and focus and do my homework!  I’m beginning to reconnect with somewhat neglected muscles and I am slowly building up my strength again.  I appreciate Claire’s ability to truly listen to me, and to pace the sessions to suit me.  Huge thanks Claire – and I can’t wait till the next session!''


During my twenties I was very physically active. The Jane Fonda Workout was my favourite! Performed using the book and the ‘record’ - no DVDs back in the 80’s lol. 

A neck injury and poor medical guidance led to a hugely sedentary, inactive lifestyle with a very poor work-life balance. I was office based; so over 40 years of schlumping over a desk.  

I ended up taking early retirement at 55, which opened the door to have time to get myself physically and mentally well again. Zumba was my starting point and I now love the feeling of my heart beating fast as I dance in class.

I decided to try Pilates with the recognition that my core strength is non-existent and that I am getting weaker as I age.  Pilates is universally known to improve core strength. So my goal is to improve my overall strength, particularly my core, and increase my range of movement and flexibility.

Janet Ketchen

Janet Ketchen

After having been so sedentary for so many years, plus having physical restrictions due to osteoarthritis, I find group classes very challenging. It’s disheartening and upsetting when I can’t keep up. The 121s are motivating and Claire makes the hard work fun. 

It’s early days but I am already becoming more aware of my body and its current limitations. I feel the joy of being able to stretch further and sit straighter when I focus. I can feel the potential strength in my core. It’s a wonderful feeling. 

I actually found myself engaging my core in my Zumba class the other day and being much more aware of the movements I was making, particularly the upper body arm movements. I usually find these really hard and they make my back ache, but with my core engaged, and with the exercises I’ve been doing with Claire, they were noticeably easier!

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Claire x