Privacy Policy

I will not keep your personal data for longer than necessary. If, after you’ve signed up a package, you no longer want to continue, then after one year I will destroy all of your personal records safely. If you want me to do this earlier, then please let me know. 

By completing the client information form, you are signing up to me retaining your personal data for the duration of our relationship. I will not sell your data to third parties or share your information or anything you chose to share with me in our classes with anyone else. If I have a contact who I think you would benefit from buying goods or services from, I will give you their information for you to contact as you see fit. 

I will contact you about the services that I offer. This will include things like new classes, discount offers or new types of exercise or services that I provide. I will use your data to manage your records and bookings. I prefer to keep in touch using email, text or on a Facebook group or chat. I will only call you if in extenuating circumstances I have to cancel a class or change a booking with you. 

You can opt out of getting communications from me at any time, but then you might not hear about changes to class times or other things that you might be interested in. 

I hold data securely. I prefer information to be provided to me electronically so that I can password protect it and keep it safe on my backed-up computer. However, I can provide printed forms for you to complete by hand. These will be kept in a locked document folder. 

I do not keep passwords or hold any payment details at all. 

Payments, booking and cancelling

You can book online or directly with me and pay for classes by BACs transfer, card or cash.

You can change bookings and cancel classes, but I do ask that you give me 24 hours notice if you are cancelling if at all possible, otherwise I will have to treat it as though you have attended. I book you into your favoured class for the term, but you can easily change bookings by using the buttons on the confirmation email or dropping me a line.

Please use your pre-paid classes within three months of purchase.