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I’m sure you’ll love my classes, the fun approach and meeting like minded people. I am now moving everyone who comes to regular classes over to a monthly subscription. For more information, go to the pricing page.

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Beyond the Mat Pilates

Have a more toned, stronger and healthier body, so you can live a life you love

Are you a busy, active person who loves exercise, but aches, pains, injury or not having enough strength and stability are holding you back? Maybe you have heard Pilates is good for posture, body tone, improving body shape and concentration and want to give it a go? Do you want to stretch and improve mobility?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then Beyond the Mat Pilates is exactly what you are looking for!


My name is Claire and I’ve set up Beyond the Mat Pilates to provide a structured and supportive approach to teaching Pilates and Yoga to people who want to get more out of life and the activities they love to do. I have a philosophy that doing a little of something regularly is the key to making progress and this is exactly what I bring to the classes and packages I offer. Banishing the aches, pains and bad posture that plague our modern lifestyle I make it easy for you to book and attend classes regularly, do a little bit at home and maybe even change a few other little habits in the process ;) All this is done through my unique approach and client zone. 

Pilates is a restorative approach to exercise that builds strength from the inside out. Working on those deep postural muscles to rebalance the body, ensuring it is working more optimally across different muscle groups. Improving your body’s posture and alignment of the pelvis and spine means 30% less effort in your muscles, which is why Pilates is so effective at reducing aches and pains.

I enjoyed the taster class so much - I’ve booked onto two more this summer!


I can help you...

  • Tone your body and improve body shape

  • Support other activities (like walking, tennis, cycling, dancing, gardening, going to the gym) to be stronger, more stable, have better balance or reduce injury risk

  • Become more ‘body aware’

  • Reduce stiff joints and increase mobility

  • Feel calmer, more relaxed and have an improved sense of well being

  • Get out of the rut of not quite getting there with your current goals

All I ask is that you commit to achieving your goal! Without commitment, nothing will change, but it only takes 10-30 minutes to regularly take some time for yourself to see benefits. You can get the benefit of Pilates, have fun, meet new people - all with a teacher who is drawing on over 20 years of experience (that's me!)

Click on Learn More below to go to my About Pilates page.

What is client zone?

Once you sign up for classes with me, you can then access my videos to help you practise at home. This gives you exclusive access to online videos demonstrating Pilates moves and sequences targeting different muscle groups, at varying levels. Commentary and watch points are included so you can practice at home with confidence. 

I will be adding some new videos related to spine alignment types very soon!

How do I sign up?

It's simple! Go to the timetable or booking page and either book your classes or contact me directly. The password to the client zone is included in your confirmation email.

I hope you have found all the answers to your questions on this site, but if you haven't or if you would like to book into one of my classes please email me using the form below.

I look forward to seeing you in class!


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